Where is the menu button?

Post date: 04-Jun-2014 15:01:04

Users of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S5 phones may be wondering how to access the menu. The current trend in handset design is to "do away" with a dedicated menu button opting instead for a multi-function home or multitasking button.

On the HTC One:

"You can set the Home button to open the Menu.

    1. Go to Settings, and then tap Display, gestures & buttons (or Display & buttons).

  1. Tap Home and select how you want to open the Menu, which is to press and hold the button."

Now when you press and hold the Home button, the menu will open.

On the Samsung Galaxy range:

Simple when you know how!

[As of Taximeter V1.1.71, you can swipe right to reveal the menu and then touch outside the menu to close it.]