Can you recommend a particular device to use with Taximeter?

Post date: 19-Aug-2018 11:55:37

We won't recommend a particular tablet or phone because each customer's environment is different and new hardware is being released all the time. We would advise customers to thoroughly evaluate potential devices to ensure compatibility and stability of payment card readers, OBD2 adapters, roof light switches, GPS signal, etc. in their target environment before making a commitment.

What we can share, is a list of devices where customers have reported problems to us in the past:

Bluetooth interference/dropouts:

LG G Pad X 8.0 LG-V521

System crashing and rebooting:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0") SM-T230/SM-T231

GPS signal loss:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016, 7.0") SM-T280/SM-T285