Why does Taximeter tell me that the "License check failed"?

Post date: 07-Jun-2014 08:01:21

To prevent piracy, Taximeter uses Google Play Licensing to query the Play Store to obtain the licensing status for the current user. The result of a licensing query is cached so network access is rarely required. If you see this message as a licensed user, then you will need to restart Taximeter once you have reliable access to the internet.

If problems still persist then clear the cache and data of the Google Play Store app:

    1. Visit Settings > Apps on your device

    2. View All apps

    3. Select the Google Play Store app, then tap Force stop and then under Storage, Clear data and Clear cache.

If problems still continue:

    1. Is the device's system date and time correct?

    2. Make sure that the account on the device is the same account used to purchase Taximeter (check via Settings > Accounts > Google). Try signing into https://payments.google.com/payments/home#oneTimePurchase to verify that the Taximeter app is not “Refunded” or “Cancelled”.

If you run the app without an internet connection see "Does Taximeter need an internet connection?".

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