Why does Taximeter exit with a "Concurrent session detected!" alert? I've paid for the app and I'm furious!

Post date: 15-Oct-2015 16:19:39

The End User License Agreement (EULA) which you either accept or refuse when the app is first run, states that, "You may not: use the software on more than one device at a time". For each app purchased from the Google Play Store, you may install it on multiple devices but you may only run it on one device at a time. If Taximeter detects that you are using a single license on more than one device at a time, it will exit with the message, "The license is being used by another device. This session will now exit".

We appreciate that this will be fraustrating for those of you who have been using Taximeter in breach of the EULA but please try and see it from our point of view. If you paid once for the app and then use it in 10 cabs we're simply not going to survive. Please contact us to discuss volume licensing options. We can issue you with a volume license key which you can enter under Menu > Settings > Operator settings > Set volume license key (VLK). Thank you for your understanding.