What is data logging?

Post date: 10-Apr-2017 15:56:16

The data logging/tracking feature is described on pages 29-31 of the user guide and is currently only available on Android devices. 

The data logging feature costs US$1 per registered device per month with a minimum monthly charge of US$10.  This is to help with our ongoing hosting and mapping costs.  We will invoice for this monthly in advance by PayPal.

Once registered, we will issue you with:

The tracking and logging history are available by signing into https://datalog.planetcoops.com/tracking with the username and password we provide.  Note that the server will automatically delete any data more than a week old and while we can't provide a service level guarantee, our service provider claims 99.9% uptime.

Please remember to set values under Menu > Settings > Operator settings > Driver's badge number and Vehicle identification number (e.g. plate) so that you can distinguish each vehicle in the tracking and history logs.