Why is Taximeter "Waiting for a valid GPS fix..." when I have a GPS position fix in Google Maps?

Post date: 04-Jul-2014 11:06:47

If the app has suddenly stopped working please read the FAQ, "The app has suddenly stopped working, why can't it get a GPS fix?".

Taximeter requires a much higher GPS accuracy than Google Maps to get going. Regular inaccurate position updates within Google Maps are of no consequence (does it really matter if your position is out by up to 100 meters?), but the same cannot be said about a meter app which has to sum the distance between those inaccurate position updates. This is why you may have a position fix but if the accuracy of that position is worse than 20m, it's just not good enough for an accurate GPS taximeter.

Make sure your handset has a clear view of the sky. Inside a vehicle, it helps if the handset is placed in a windscreen mount. Once the accuracy of the fix has reached the initial GPS accuracy the message will clear. Taximeter can then be placed into HIRED mode.

Steps to take to resolve GPS issues on Android devices:

  1. Turn phone or tablet off/on.

  2. Turn GPS off/on.

  3. Launch Taximeter with an active internet connection Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  4. Ensure Taximeter is allowed to use your location: Settings > Apps > Taximeter > Permissions > Location > On / Allow all the time.

  5. Check that your location settings are set to High accuracy. Settings > Additional Settings/Connections > Location > set to High accuracy.

  6. Perform an "A-GPS reset": Within Taximeter select Menu > Settings > GPS settings > Reset GPS, then select Download A-GPS data. Exit and re-launch the Taximeter app.

Within the app go to Menu > Settings > GPS settings and verify that:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi GPS over UDP is unchecked

  2. Wi-Fi GPS TCP address is empty

(We have had several support cases where users have enabled Wi-Fi GPS without understanding the consequences. Wi-Fi GPS takes precedence over the GPS built-in to the device and is used when GPS NMEA data is being broadcast over the local area network. This functionality is not relevant to the majority of users and so should not be enabled.)

If you use the free GPS Status app, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2&hl=en, what value does it give you for the Error field? Taximeter needs an Error of between 1m and 20m to have a "valid fix" (a value of 0 means your particular device has no GPS accuracy value).

If the Error value is between 20m and 40m, you could lower the initial accuracy needed from within Taximeter using Menu > Settings > GPS settings > Initial GPS accuracy to 40m, although we wouldn't recommend that you do this. With the U.S. government’s removal of Selective Availability (SA) back in May 2000, all GPS devices should be capable of achieving an accuracy of 20 metres or better.

If the built in GPS receiver cannot provide updates of a high enough quality, i.e. an error of 20m or better and the device is still under warranty we would suggest that you ask your supplier for a replacement. Unfortunately some of the cheap Chinese devices either have inherently poor quality GPS hardware or radios which suffer from interference with other components. If your device supports Bluetooth, another option would be to try an external Bluetooth GPS receiver or Bluetooth OBD-II adapter. These can be added under Menu > Settings > GPS settings > GPS Bluetooth device and Menu > Settings > OBD settings > Bluetooth device respectively. We have tested GPS receivers from Garmin, Holux, Navilock, Qstarz, and TomTom. Ideally look for a GPS receiver that offers a 10Hz mode and is SBAS enabled (supports WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) as this will offer the best position accuracy.