Does Taximeter need an internet connection?

Post date: 05-Jul-2019 10:08:33

To prevent piracy, Taximeter uses Google Play Licensing to query the Play Store to obtain the licensing status for the current user. The result of a licensing query is cached so network access is rarely required.

If you intend to run the app for most of the time without an internet connection, we recommend that you exit and launch the app once per week in the presence of an internet connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile data, so that the cached license status can be refreshed. Refreshing the cached license status once a week will avoid "License check failed" errors.

If you activate using a license key from us, see volume licensing, then launching the app once per week is no longer a requirement.

The following features require an internet connection:

  1. Lookup of a street address for the trip start and end locations for the receipt and hire logs.

  2. Uploading a receipt to Google Drive and sharing the uploaded receipt via SMS or a QR code.

  3. Sending hire logs via email.

  4. Downloading preset updates.

  5. Data logging