Where do I start? Do you have a quick start guide?

Post date: 16-Oct-2019 07:31:00

If you have a simple tariff, then take a look at the setup for "Acme Limos" in this video at 6:19. The video was made for the iPhone but the setup is identical for the Android version.

The steps are:

    1. Specify the Name, total number of tariffs (Total tariffs) and Currency code/symbol under Menu > Settings > Custom preset settings.

    2. If you are in a country that uses miles, check the Distance in yards checkbox.

    3. Select the Custom preset wizard and enter your flag drop, increment (tick), distance and waiting time rate. Press Apply. If you have more than one tariff, change the tariff number (the field at the top) and repeat the process. Close the dialog when you are done.

    4. Finally, select Custom as the Menu > Settings > Taximeter preset. This entry will appear at the top of the list.

More complex tariffs that require calendar control, steps based on fare or distance, geofencing etc. can be programmed in XML and we will gladly configure and add a preset to the downloadable presets (Menu > Download presets) for you.

Drop an email to us at support@planetcoops.com if you need any help.