How does volume licensing work?

Post date: 22-Oct-2015 10:09:51

Please note that volume licensing is only available for the Android™ version of Taximeter. Unfortunately, Apple will not permit us to provide a similar facility for the iOS™ version.

We supply you with a volume license key (VLK) and the current version of the Taximeter APK file which you would then install on each device (see . The VLK is simply a case-sensitive string of characters which needs to be entered on each device. The VLK will activate a predetermined number of devices which can be increased as and when required. The activation is associated with each device and is not transferable. Warning: Performing a factory reset or installing the app under a new user account (on devices which support multiple users) will cause its device identifier to be regenerated. Reinstalling the app on a device which has been OTA upgraded to Android O or later may also generate a new device identifier. As a consequence, a previously activated device will no longer be recognized by our licensing server and a new activation will be required.

Before entering the VLK, make sure you that you have an active internet connection, Wi-Fi or mobile data. When you first run the app after installing the APK, the app will display the following alert complaining that the license check failed:

At this point, press the Enter key button and enter the VLK. Once you've correctly entered the key, you will need to restart the app.

If you have already downloaded and installed Taximeter from the Google Play Store or install the APK using a licensed Google account and want to run it simultaneously on multiple devices, then the procedure is slightly different. With an active internet connection, open the app on each device and navigate to Menu > Settings > Operator settings > Set volume license key (VLK). Enter the key here then exit (Menu > Exit) and restart the app.

You can easily check whether a device has been successfully activated. We append a "+" to the version information in the Menu > About screen to indicate that the app is volume licensed.


We will invoice separately for the VLK using PayPal.