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What is data logging?

posted 10 Apr 2017, 08:56 by Planet Coops   [ updated 7 Jul 2018, 00:20 ]
The data logging/tracking feature is described on pages 29-31 of the user guide, http://www.planetcoops.com/apps/taximeter/taximeter.pdf and is currently only available on Android devices. 
The data logging feature costs a $1 per registered device per month with a minimum monthly cost of $10.  This is to help with our ongoing hosting and mapping costs.  We will invoice for this monthly in advance by PayPal.

Once registered, we will issue you with:
  • a log key which you enter into each device under Menu > Settings > Data log settings > Log key.  Set the AVL interval (GPS position updates) and Upload interval to appropriate values (the shortest update interval is 30 seconds) and then check Enable data logging to turn it on.
  • a username and password which you can use to sign into the tracking website.

The tracking and logging history are available by signing into https://datalog.planetcoops.com/tracking with the username and password we provide.  Note that the server will automatically delete any data more than a week old.

Please remember to set values under Menu > Settings > Operator settings > Driver's badge number and Vehicle identification number (e.g. plate) so that you can distinguish each vehicle in the tracking and history logs.