Unable to connect to the ExtPlane plugin, why?

posted 14 Jan 2018, 01:59 by Planet Coops   [ updated 2 Jan 2019, 00:30 ]
OK, so you've installed the ExtPlane plugin by extracting the contents of the ExtPlane.zip archive to the Resources\plugins folder of your X-Plane installation and started X-Plane.  You've entered the first IP address from the 'Settings -> Network' page but still can't connect.  Does your PC have a firewall running?  If so then you may need to add a firewall rule/exception to allow incoming and outgoing access to TCP port 51000.  Unfortunately adding a firewall rule/exception is vendor specific so we can't list the steps here, but if you Google for it, e.g. "mcafee personal firewall add exception", you should be able to find the information online.