To install the ExtPlane plugin...

On your PC:
  1. Download the attached ExtPlane.zip archive.
  2. Extract its contents to the Resources\plugins subfolder of your 64-bit X-Plane installation.
  3. Restart X-Plane.

The IP address of the X-Plane host computer can be found from the 'Settings -> Network' menu.  In the example shown below, the IP address is "".

Once installed, you can assign a joystick button or keyboard shortcut to the "ExtPlane custom command" to control the Push-to-Talk function in XP Remote (Pro version only).

Wayne Piekarski's X-Plane CDU

For Zibo 737 fans, we've attached a version of Wayne Piekarski's X-Plane CDU, XPlaneCDU.apk, which will work with our version of the ExtPlane plugin.  ExtPlane and XPlaneCDU are both licensed under the GNU Public License V3.
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