Where do I start? Have you a quick start guide?

posted 16 Oct 2019, 00:31 by Planet Coops   [ updated 16 Nov 2019, 05:06 ]

If you have a simple tariff, then take a look at the setup for "Acme Limos" in this video at 6:19.  The video was made for the iPhone but the setup is identical for the Android version.

The steps are:
  1. Specify the Name, total number of tariffs (Total tariffs) and Currency code/symbol under Menu > Settings > Custom preset settings.
  2. If you are in a country that uses miles, check the Distance in yards checkbox.
  3. Select the Custom preset wizard and enter your flag drop, increment (tick), distance and waiting time rate.  Press Apply.  If you have more than one tariff, change the tariff number (the field at the top) and repeat the process.  Close the dialog when you are done.
  4. Finally, select Custom as the Menu > Settings > Taximeter preset.  This entry will appear at the top of the list.
More complex tariffs that require calendar control, steps based on fare or distance, geofencing etc. can be programmed in XML and we will gladly configure and add a preset to the downloadable presets (Menu > Download presets) for you.

Drop an email to us at support@planetcoops.com if you need any help.

The app has suddenly stopped working, why can't it get a GPS fix?

posted 18 Jul 2019, 00:54 by Planet Coops   [ updated 18 Jul 2019, 01:16 ]

There are two possible reasons why the app may all of a sudden stop working.  The first is a hardware issue which may be resolved by steps in, "Why is Taximeter "Waiting for a valid GPS fix..." when I have a GPS position fix in Google Maps?".  Read on for the second reason...

Due to a bug in the way Android handles permissions, users updating to a later version of Taximeter on devices which have been OTA upgraded may be unable to obtain a valid GPS fix.  Users experiencing this particular issue will see "Fix: 0" on the main display.

Skip to the solution if you are not interested in the technical blurb.

Each year, Google forces developers to target a more recent version of Android if they are to continue providing app updates in the Play Store.  The way in which an app obtains permissions, e.g. to access GPS location, changed between Android versions.  In older versions an app received implicit permissions at the point of installation but with more recent versions an app must prompt the user at runtime to obtain certain permissions.  An updated app should be unaffected by this change but, due to a logic flaw in Android, an app running on a device which has previously been upgraded to an Android version greater than or equal to the target version fails to obtain access to the GPS location.


The solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app accepting the runtime permissions.
  1. If your app has been locked by a regulator or via the Preset Update Service, unlock the app before proceeding.  Re-installing the app will regenerate the app's serial number.
  2. Within Taximeter, use Menu > Backup to save your settings.
  3. Uninstall the app.
  4. Reinstall the app from the Play Store.
  5. Launch the app and accept the runtime permissions.  Restart the app.
  6. Use Menu > Restore to restore the previously saved settings (any passwords will need to be re-entered as these are not saved for privacy reasons).

Does Taximeter need an internet connection?

posted 5 Jul 2019, 03:08 by Planet Coops   [ updated 16 Jan 2020, 05:39 ]

To prevent piracy, Taximeter uses Google Play Licensing to query the Play Store to obtain the licensing status for the current user.  The result of a licensing query is cached so network access is rarely required.

If you intend to run the app for most of the time without an internet connection, we recommend that you exit and launch the app once per week in the presence of an internet connection, either Wi-Fi or mobile data, so that the cached license status can be refreshed.  Refreshing the cached license status once a week will avoid "License check failed" errors.

If you activate using a license key from us, see volume licensing, then launching the app once per week is no longer a requirement.

The following features require an internet connection:
  1. Lookup of a street address for the trip start and end locations for the receipt and hire logs.
  2. Uploading a receipt to Google Drive and sharing the uploaded receipt via SMS or a QR code.
  3. Sending hire logs via email.
  4. Downloading preset updates.
  5. Data logging

How do I setup a flat rate or fixed rate tariff?

posted 27 Apr 2019, 02:39 by Planet Coops   [ updated 27 Apr 2019, 02:43 ]

For flat rates, using the Custom Preset Wizard (Menu > Settings > Custom preset settings > Custom preset wizard) create a tariff with a flag drop of $0.00, $0.00 per mile and $0.00 per hour.  When the tariff is in use, use the extras to enter the variable flat rate charge.  At the end of the hire, total the fare by pressing the fare in time off/stopped mode and the extras (the flat rate) will be added.

If you have a tariff with a fixed rate, e.g. airport $40.00, create a tariff with a flag drop for the fixed rate ($40.00), $0.00 per mile and $0.00 per hour.

Why can't I connect to my Wi-Fi OBD2 adapter on iOS 14+?

posted 5 Oct 2018, 04:19 by Planet Coops   [ updated 16 Feb 2021, 03:30 ]

iOS 14 introduced a new privacy setting. Check that Taximeter has permission to access the local network under iOS Settings > Privacy > Local Network (see screenshot below).

Can I connect to a Wi-Fi OBD2 adapter on iOS and still use mobile data?

posted 5 Oct 2018, 04:19 by Planet Coops   [ updated 5 Oct 2018, 06:53 ]

Yes, follow these steps:
  1. Connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network for your OBD2 adapter.
  2. Open the Settings app, select Wi-Fi then select the blue info icon to the right of your OBD2 Wi-Fi network.
  3. Make a note of both the IP Address and the Subnet Mask addresses.
  4. Set Configure IPv4 to Manual and enter only the IP Address and Subnet Mask addresses from Step 3.  Leave Router blank.

Can you recommend a particular device to use with Taximeter?

posted 19 Aug 2018, 04:55 by Planet Coops   [ updated 19 Aug 2018, 05:07 ]

We won't recommend a particular tablet or phone because each customer's environment is different and new hardware is being released all the time.  We would advise customers to thoroughly evaluate potential devices to ensure compatibility and stability of payment card readers, OBD2 adapters, roof light switches, GPS signal, etc. in their target environment before making a commitment.

What we can share, is a list of devices where customers have reported problems to us in the past:

Bluetooth interference/dropouts:
  LG G Pad X 8.0 LG-V521

System crashing and rebooting:
  Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0") SM-T230/SM-T231

GPS signal loss:
  Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016, 7.0") SM-T280/SM-T285

What is data logging?

posted 10 Apr 2017, 08:56 by Planet Coops   [ updated 12 Mar 2020, 13:27 ]

The data logging/tracking feature is described on pages 29-31 of the user guide, http://www.planetcoops.com/apps/taximeter/taximeter.pdf and is currently only available on Android devices. 
The data logging feature costs US$1 per registered device per month with a minimum monthly charge of US$10.  This is to help with our ongoing hosting and mapping costs.  We will invoice for this monthly in advance by PayPal.

Once registered, we will issue you with:
  • a log key which you enter into each device under Menu > Settings > Data log settings > Log key.  Set the AVL interval (GPS position updates) and Upload interval to appropriate values (the shortest update interval is 30 seconds) and then check Enable data logging to turn it on.
  • a username and password which you can use to sign into the tracking website.

The tracking and logging history are available by signing into https://datalog.planetcoops.com/tracking with the username and password we provide.  Note that the server will automatically delete any data more than a week old and while we can't provide a service level guarantee, our service provider claims 99.9% uptime.

Please remember to set values under Menu > Settings > Operator settings > Driver's badge number and Vehicle identification number (e.g. plate) so that you can distinguish each vehicle in the tracking and history logs.

Are there any settings needed to comply with the BC, Canada soft meter rule?

posted 19 Mar 2017, 05:54 by Planet Coops   [ updated 30 Mar 2017, 11:52 ]

In order to comply with the British Columbia Passenger Transportation Board's BC Taxi Soft Meter Rule, please set your Operator name (taxi company name) and Vehicle identification number (unique taxi ID) under Menu > Settings > Operator settings.  As of Taximeter version 1.1.59, this information will appear on receipts and in the fare announcements at the start and end of the hire when the fare is totalled.

Unable to send a test email: Bad email username or password

posted 7 Apr 2016, 12:16 by Planet Coops   [ updated 7 Jan 2021, 23:13 ]

If you receive the following error while testing your Gmail settings in Taximeter:

Unable to send a test email: Bad email username or password

and you are confident that you are using the correct <user>@gmail.com username and password, then head over to Account Security Settings (https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps) for the Gmail account in question and enable "Access for less secure apps".  This allows you to use the Google SMTP mail server for clients other than the official ones and would appear to resolve this issue.  Note that Taximeter securely connects to the Gmail SMTP server on port 465 using a TLS encrypted link.  You may have to wait up to an hour for the setting to take effect as it is rolled out across Google's infrastructure.

If your Google account has 2-Step Verification enabled, you can generate an application-specific password here, https://myaccount.google.com/apppasswords.

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